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Ongoing Fellowships

There are a wide range of fellowships currently in progress, browse through the project titles below and find out more information about those of interest.

Developing student-centred services

Jessica Christie and Claire Flegg

Race, class and me: Exploring student authentic self and belonging

Kendi Guantai, Nadine Cavigioli and Salma Al Arefi

Developing a global citizenship education toolkit

Richard Harris, Pam Birtill and Madeleine Pownall

Stepping Up, Standing Out

Alison Leslie & Clare Wright

Teaching musical composition in the 21st Century

Martin Iddon, Scott McLaughlin and Mic Spencer

The I-DE-ES Project

Tony Morgan, Lena Jaspersen and Louisa Hill

Redefining Sustainability in the Curriculum

Anne Tallontire, Thomas Cooper & William Young

Internationalising student education at Leeds

Martin Ward, Ayako Yoshino and Eve Smith


Nina Wardleworth

Completed Fellowships

Fellowships vary in length from one to three years, once completed the findings impact decisions and current practice across the University. Below  you can browse some of the completed fellowships and discover the key outcomes.

Fellowships completed in 2019

Read the outcomes from the Building a civic curriculum fellowship by Helen Sadig and Cécilé De Cat.

Read the outcomes from the Co-Creation of design for learning fellowship by Dan Trowsdale.

Fellowships completed in 2018