Community-led pedagogies to diversify the curriculum

Community-led pedagogies to diversify the curriculum

Laura Loyola Hernandez and Arjan Gosal (School of Geography)

Project overview

This project will:

  1. Create and expand a sense of community and belonging among staff and students from marginalised backgrounds
  2. Co-create practical solutions to implement the university’s decolonial framework based on student-staff partnership
  3. Expand our understanding of what qualifies as knowledge outside traditional educational spaces in the Faculty of Environment.

Students and staff from the faculty will participate in pilot workshops, focus groups and community activities over the next academic year. We hope these activities are reproduced in the following academic year in the form of tutorial activities for students and annual workshops for staff.

Our project seeks to understand the challenges of implementing of decolonising initiatives in the Faculty of Environment. We want to embedded community-led pedagogies which are co-created between students, staff and community collectives outside the university. By widening the scope of involvement of students, they will become active participants in the co-production of educational practices which will apply the university’s decolonial framework at a faculty level. Engaging in these activities will help student’s personal and professional development by obtaining leadership skills, working in groups and discussing complex themes, which will contribute to their success at university, and beyond.

The research approach

This project involves students and staff from the Faculty of Environment participating in workshops, focus groups and community activities.  Two separate workshops for students and staff will be facilitated. A roundtable analysis technique will be used by staff and the listening room technique with students. Two additional student-led focus groups will also be carried out. During the final stage of the project, students and staff will participate in two community activities.

These activities will:

  1. Strengthen staff-student understanding of community belonging
  2. Challenge ways to learn by engaging in non-academic spaces to create community-led pedagogies.

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Each fellowship has a project sponsor that helps the fellows achieve impact across the institution. The sponsor for this fellowship is Alice O’Grady.

Project start date: September 2022