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Developing Object Based Learning at Leeds


Developing Object Based Learning at Leeds

Angela Newton - Library

Project overview

This LITE project will explore exemplars of OBL (Object Based Learning) both within the University of Leeds and at other UK HEIs. Adaptations of this best practice, including ways to make it accessible, will subsequently be tested out in partnership with the School of Sociology and Social Policy with small groups of students, and their responses to the experience will be collected and analysed. The ultimate aim of the project is to build accessible evidence-based OBL scenarios that could be used in teaching, both within the School of Sociology and Social Policy and across Faculties, giving students new, unique and inspiring learning opportunities.

The research approach

Post-pandemic higher education is wrestling with a number of issues involving student attendance and engagement (Times Higher Education, 2022).  Incoming students have all experienced varying degrees of online education and social isolation in lockdown, which leave a unique legacy on their individual learning.  It is therefore crucial that on-campus learning experiences are engaging and offer students opportunities for connectivity not only with their peers and educators, but also with their discipline.

OBL is a way of deeply connecting with your discipline, by approaching a subject not from a theoretical standpoint, or by immersion in texts and research, but through engagement with highly meaningful objects which then impact the way in which you understand those texts, theoretical perspectives, research, etc. (Kingery, 1996).

To find out more about the project please contact Angela Newton

Each fellowship has a project sponsor that helps the fellows achieve impact across the institution. The sponsor for this fellowship is Rachel Haworth and Kate Richardson.

Project start date: September 2023