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Co-Creation of design for learning

Dan Trowsdale, School of Mechanical Engineering

As academics we are all designers, we design modules and courses to deliver learning.  We also design activities and opportunities for learning. We design exams and other methods to assess learning.

Over the past few years the complexity of designing for learning has increased massively.  Digital technologies are changing how we teach and how students study.

It appears that this new world of opportunity continues to provide limitless opportunities to engage new curriculum models, and deliver feedback and assessment. Curriculum requirements for the modern graduate add to this complexity and such requirements may be; research based learning, attributes for employability, ethics and responsibility or global and cultural insight.

Complex poorly undefined problems such as this are perfect for the application of design thinking and other design methods.

In this project I plan to explore visual, social and participatory methods in the process of design for learning. How might we include students, colleagues and other stakeholders in this important process and what impact that might this have on the quality of the teaching and learning experiences for tutors and tutees.

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