Mobile phones and digital creativity

Maria Kapsali and Scott Palmer, School of Performance and Cultural Industries

This research project explores the use of mobile phones in creative learning and skill development.

The project was conceived as a response to the ubiquity of mobile devices in everyday life and the apparent ambivalence of educators towards phone use during class time.

Indeed, mobile phones can be seen as both inimical and conducive to the learning process, depending on the cultures of use that may develop within any particular setting.

This project asks the following questions: How might mobile phones contribute to digitally mediated forms of creativity?

How can the potential use of mobile phones as tools for learning and creative expression relate to existing cultures of use within the student population of the University of Leeds?

And, in what ways might learning and creative activities involving mobile phones allow us to advance alternative conceptualisations of attention?

To begin with, the questions will be approached in relation to the performing arts and will be extended to other subject areas with the aim to articulate both discipline-specific and cross-disciplinary findings.

A range of research methods will be employed, including practical workshops, playful experimentation, questionnaires, seminars and interviews, and several aspects of the mobile phone will be explored, including basic functionalities and bespoke apps, such as Sonolope and My Tours.

A website that captures more of this evolving LITE project plus other resources and news can be found here.

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