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Student ambassadors' perceptions of university

Student ambassadors' perceptions of university

Teresa Storey (Health Sciences)

Project overview

This 12 month project explored the impact being a student ambassador has for students. It focused on student ambassadors who were involved in outreach work and examined the impact delivering that role had on the ambassador’s perceptions of their own course and their broader university experience.

Key findings

Responses to the survey were coded and split into themes. This thematic analysis allowed for subtle nuances in meaning where similar phrases were used to mean different things. For example, motivational themes related to the reasons students chose to become ambassadors but also the reasons cited as continuing as an ambassador and continuing with their course and working towards their career goals.

  • Students were generally proud to work for the university and took pride in their role as an ambassador
  • Students benefited from the opportunities to develop wide-ranging skills
  • Students felt more connected to the university and engaged in wider university life
  • Students felt more inclined to do well on their course as they were grateful for the opportunity
  • Students appreciated and valued the “Listening Rooms” as it allowed them to reflect deeply and talk to other ambassadors about their experiences

Implications for practice

The findings here demonstrate that working as a student ambassador is a beneficial and important role in the lives of these students. The method itself is of great potential benefit to all students as it highlighted the need for time and space for reflection as well as the importance as connecting with other ambassadors.


  • Work with faculty and the careers service to promote the student ambassador scheme
  • Work to improve the sense of community among the student ambassadors
  • Build in time to reflect in small groups and the opportunity to feedback to larger groups of students - “Circle time”

If you want to find out more details about this fellowship or what the next steps were upon completion please read the full snapshot (PDF) or contact Teresa (

Project start date: January 2022