Assessment literacy and student success

Assessment literacy and student success: investigating how embedded academic literacies provision in the curriculum develops student assessment literacy

Jiani Liu (Learning Development Team / skills@library)

Project overview

This project explores how students develop their confidence and readiness for assessments in level 1 undergraduate modules.

Assessment literacy is the capability of students to make sense of assessments and, armed with this understanding, to exercise more control over their learning. Developing students’ assessment literacy through transparent and inclusive assessment dialogue could bridge the gap between student understanding and staff expectation, which will contribute to an enhanced student performance (e.g., Price et al. 2012, HEA 2012 and Bovill et al., 2021). Academic literacies provision in the curriculum, such as embedded, contextualised academic skills workshops and online learning resources in the module VLE area, provides a space for such development. However, limited research has been carried out on the impact of embedded academic literacies on developing student assessment literacy.

This project aims to analyse and evaluate the impact of embedded academic literacies provision on the development of students’ assessment literacy. It is intended to inform a more systematic approach to evaluating academic literacies provision in the curriculum. The project may also establish a model of good practice for embedding academic literacies into the curriculum and the development of students’ assessment literacy.

The research approach

This research will adopt a mixed methods approach. Research data will be collected via:

  • Semi-structured interviews with academic teaching staff to explore their perceptions of student preparedness for assessments and the usefulness of embedded academic literacies provision in developing student assessment literacy
  • Focus groups with student volunteers to explore student understanding and preparedness for assessments and how the embedded academic literacies provision impact on their understanding and preparedness of the assessments
  • A questionnaire to investigate student confidence level in preparing for assessments and their perception of their assessment literacy development through the course of the modules

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Project start date: February 2022