Suzanne Young, School of Law


The rationale for this project: ‘Transitions through university: Exploring expectations and motivations of undergraduate students‘, stem from wider shifts in higher education policy to ensure we understand what students expect and need from their courses.

In 2018 the Commons Select Committee called on universities to provide courses that were better ‘value for money’ by ensuring better graduate outcomes for students[1].

The introduction of the Office for Students (OfS) and indeed the marketisation of higher education (Brown, 2015[2]) has led to a consumer driven approach whereby universities are being measured on their value for money through graduate satisfaction and degree outcomes.

It is therefore essential that courses understand what motivates students to undertake a degree, what they expect from the chosen courses and where they aspire to go after graduating.

This project will be focusing on what the demand is from students at the varying stages in their undergraduate degree  and exploring to what extent career aspirations are motivating factors in their study.

[1] Accessed 20th October 2019

[2] Brown, R. (2015) ‘The Marketisation of Higher Education: Issues and Ironies’. New Vistas, 1(1): 5–9

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