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Breaking Barriers, Transforming Practise



Breaking Barriers, Transforming Practise

Ryan Grant - Student Education Service

Project overview

Breaking Barriers, Transforming Practise: Exploring the Real and Perceived Obstacles to Accessing Student Support.

The research approach

This project is exploring the barriers students feel prevent them for utilising the University's support systems, and how we can help to reduce or remove these.  Working this students through group discussions, interview and questionnaires.

Mental health is a priority and we need to better understand why students feel they can't reach out to student support before hitting crisis point. This is especially true after the challenges covid brought and how it has affected the lived experiences of our students.

I'd love to be able to produce some really practical ways student support teams can help to reduce or remove the barriers which are holding back students from using our service. I'd love to feed into or even create some training and resources that student support teams across the university can use.

To find out more about the project please contact Ryan Grant

Each fellowship has a project sponsor that helps the fellows achieve impact across the institution. The sponsor for this fellowship is Simon Morris.

Project start date: September 2023