Enhancement of the pedagogic practice in HE through PGRs engagement

Chiara La Sala, School of Languages, Cultures and Societies

The project addresses an area of real importance in HE as it seeks to enhance the student learning experience by supporting first-class teaching.
The project aligns with a specific priority of Leeds University, which is to attract high-quality students by providing an outstanding education.
This will be a collaborative enterprise between the project leader, undergraduates and PGRs working together to achieve the same objectives: promotion of teaching excellence and enhancement of student learning experience.
The project, therefore, is in line with the strategic priorities of Leeds University to promote a vibrant PhD community and to equip students to succeed in a competitive global employment market.
Currently, there is a gap in literature on how junior tutors can guide and influence senior teaching staff in their teaching practice.
However, reverse mentoring is a recent area of research relating to this project (Alvarez et al. 2005, Leh 2005, Murphy and Adams 2005).
Achieving a better understanding of these dynamics will improve attainments, results (Mitchell and Myles, 2019) and student satisfaction.
At Leeds University, the PGRs have the opportunity to build up a teaching experience portfolio, very useful when entering into an academic career.
However, this project aims to consider the reverse side of the process and to investigate what the academic staff can learn from PGRs with teaching roles and responsibilities.
This project takes a stance that the more senior member of staff is the one looking for ‘a fresh outlook’ and can achieve this by working in collaboration with PGRs.

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