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Civic partnership & employability in a language curriculum


Embedding Civic partnership and employability in a language curriculum: Enhancing students’ employability provision and the impact on the community

Ruba Khamam (Languages, Cultures and Societies)

Project overview

This project seeks to explore ways to effectively embed employability by means of integrating a civic curriculum in language teaching (Arabic as a case study) and aligning that to the University employability strategy and Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) rating criteria.

The evaluation of Leeds Curriculum as well as TEF rating criteria seek to measure the effectiveness of embedding employability in the teaching quality, learning environment and student outcomes.

From my reading of scholarly literature and upon having a scoping exercise where I looked into most recent studies and practices in other UK universities, I managed to identify a gap where there are limited links between universities as academic institutions and communities around them.

Leeds as a city has special cultural and demographic nature given that it is a City of Sanctuary with varied migrant communities. Hence, emerges a need to create a network of people and (academic, government and charity) organisations united in making Leeds more welcoming, open and fair for all.

The project elaborates on how the language teaching curriculum offered at the University plays a key role in enhancing employability provision including graduate attributes and career opportunities and making a positive impact on the local community by for example helping the migrant communities integrate more.

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