Exploring links between induction, exit and retention – ELIXIR

Andrew Mearman and Ruth Payne, Languages, Cultures and Societies

The ELIXIR project investigates possible links between student retention and current induction practices, speaking directly to the University’s aim to provide positive, life-changing experiences to all students.

The project will explore successful induction practices across the University, in order to identify baseline induction provision and more specialist School and Faculty level provision.

By raising the profile of induction practice, the project will promote the creation of induction materials and of an Induction Lead Network that oversees a new repository for key resources.

Overall, the project will provide informed support that will assist colleagues and optimise students’ experience of induction.

The project aims to review current literature on student induction, transition, retention and student success, and their interconnections.

In doing so, we aim to raise awareness of how good practice is maintained and adopted. We will do this by engaging key stakeholders in discussions about future practice.

By auditing existing good practice at Leeds and elsewhere we aim to collate information that reflects accurately students’ experience of their move to the university, and to gather ideas and innovative practice from our immediate colleagues.

By working closely with academic and professional services, and with students themselves, we ultimately aim to re-energise existing induction materials and showcase new resources that provide clear support to colleagues and students for the crucial transition to university life.

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For more information contact: A.J.Mearman@leeds.ac.uk or R.Payne@leeds.ac.uk