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Previous Projects

Since its launch in 2014 Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence has been able to provide funding for colleagues across the University to carry out research to support their student education practice through various projects. If you are looking to get involved now then we currently fund research through our Fellowships.

Our Teaching Enhancement Projects were awarded funding to support them in carrying out pedagogic research 1 day a week over 12 months. The Student Education Catalyst Fund was designed to support small scale projects that could be seen as a catalyst for further work and innovation. These funds have now finished but the research titles from the projects are below, if you would like more information about a project then please get in touch with the team (

Teaching Enhancement Projects

  • Huahui Zhao (School of Education): New Assessment Criteria: An interdisciplinary investigation of their construction, introduction, implementation and impact across schools.
  • Maria dos Santos Lonsdale (School of Design): Using information and instructional design principles to enhance accessibility and inclusivity of course material on Blackboard VLE.
  • Craig Evans (School of Electrical Engineering) & Sam Wilson (School of Computing): Development of an automated assessment and feedback platform.
  • Natasha McKeever (Inter-disciplinary Ethics Applied): Teaching Research Ethics – A New Resource for an Old Need.
  • Nimesh Mistry (School of Chemistry): A strategy to enhance conceptual understanding using active learning.
  • Kate Watkins (School of Communication) and John Balfour (Faculty of Social Sciences): Employability non-engagement data. More information is available via the published article.
  • Norma Martin Clements (School of Law): The use of collaborative lecture theatres.
  • Alice Shepherd (Leeds University Business School) and Mark Sumner (School of Design): Year in Industry: Barriers, challenges and motivations.
  • Luke Burns (School of Geography): 21st Century Data Demands: The supply and demand of quantitative skills.
  • Helen Durham (School of Geography): Enhancing the taught postgraduate pre-sessional.
  • Caroline Campbell (School of Languages, Cultures and Societies) and Karen Llewellyn: Co discovery - a student and staff collaborative evaluation. More information is available in the project report.
  • Polly Wilding (School of Politics and International Studies) and Cathy Coombs (School of History): Delivering an interdisciplinary blended learning module.
  • Chris Thompson (Digital Education Service): Navigating unbundled higher education: Design, development and reusability of effective digital learning.
  • Chloe Wallace (School of Law): Dealing with pedagogic culture shock during a study year abroad.
  • Scott McLaughlin (School of Music): Teaching how to 'inter' - a resource for understanding how to work across disciplines.
  • Cait Dennis and Nancy Davies (School of Medicine): TiME to Teach - Recognising the value of placement teachers.

Student Education Catalyst Fund Projects

  • Andrew Kirby (School of Medicine): The ‘Germ-Bugs’: co-design of an arts-based microbiology teaching resource.
  • Rachael O'Connor (School of Law): Reverse mentoring as a tool to create inclusive, international learning communities. Rachael is now using her findings from this pilot study to continue her work in this area with a fellowship; Exploring academic personal tutoring in partnership with under-represented students.