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Emma Peasland

Research and Impact Officer
Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence

Emma provides research support to LITE Fellows across a diverse range of disciplines and topics. This can range from being a sounding board for ideas to getting actively involved in the research process. 

 Emma has a background in science education having taught biology and geography fieldwork to university and school-aged students at the Field Studies Council for seven years prior to studying for her PhD in Bioscience Education at the University of Hull. In her PhD, Emma used a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods to investigate the employability-enhancing benefits of environmental fieldwork in higher education. She followed this with a postdoctoral project in the Energy and Environment Institute at Hull in which she created an action plan for industry and higher education collaboration to underpin degree programmes that maximise graduate employability for bioeconomy careers. 

Emma has particular interests in pedagogies that develop transferable skills and graduate employability via students’ disciplinary learning and facilitating students’ recognition of their employability thereby preparing them for a diverse range of careers 

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