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Share, Adopt, Adapt workshops relaunch online


THE Share, Adopt, Adapt Workshops (SAAW) have been re-launched into an online format.

The new series will continue to examine and showcase best practice across the University of Leeds as well as address new challenges posed by COVID-19 restrictions.

Staff will be invited to share their experiences on a range of relevant issues including the use of new technologies, online teaching and learning models, assessment and opportunities.

They will be jointly run by the Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence (LITE), and the Teaching, Innovation and Practice in Student Education Community (TiPS).

Each presenter will speak for approximately 10 minutes before answering questions from the audience.  

The first SAAW covered the Student Centred Active Learning Approach (SCALA) to online hybrid teaching, led by Dave Lewis, Charlotte Haigh, Chris Randall, Sue Whittle of Biosciences. 

Read about coming events and sign up below: 

Wednesday July 22nd, 13:00, Language Centre- Experiences of Pre-Sessional Teaching in 2020, led by Laura Richards, Natasha Rust, Lauri Essien, Roya Alimalayeri.

Staff from the Language Centre will share their experiences teaching differently sized groups of international students in preparation for the studies at Leeds. 

Tuesday July 28th, 2pm: Assessment in 2020 with Bridgette Bewick, Emma Pittard, Alison Voice 

 Bridgette will report on student experiences of assessment under COVID experiences before Emma and Alison speak about their experiences using Gradescope. 

 More dates to follow.