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WATCH: LITE's TEDx speakers on 'the Edge of Tomorrow'


WATCH HERE the videos of five University of Leeds TEDx speakers as they explore how technological advancements, widening participation and creative enrichment are transforming education as we know it.

The Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence sponsored event, 'The Edge of Tomorrow', was showcased in the Riley Smith Hall at the University last month.

The evening was organised by the TEDxUniversityofLeeds group, made up from students and staff within the University on behalf of TED - Technology, Entertainment, Design - which is a nonprofit organisation devoted to spreading innovative ideas from multiple disciplines and cultures, to foster a deeper understanding of the world.

The speakers included James Pickering, Associate Professor in Anatomy, Leeds School of Medicine, Beccy Stirrup, Programme Leader for creative Writing at the University of Leeds, Melz Owusu, Education Officer at Leeds student Union, Brendan Stone, Co-leader of Storying Sheffield and Professor at the School of English, University of Sheffield, Crystal Reece, Learning Champion and Professional Studies Student at the Lifelong Learning Centre, University of Leeds.

Dr Raphael Hallett, director LITE, says: "It was a real privilege to watch and listen to all five speakers on what is a globally-recognised platform such as TED here at the University of Leeds. I'm now pleased to be able to offer the chance to watch again our fabulous presenters and relive what was a hugely rewarding, informative and thought-provoking evening."

The Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence is a community of research and innovation with the aim of establishing the University of Leeds as a sector leader in teaching practice and scholarship. The Institute provides funding, time and support for current and future student education leaders to develop their profile at the University and to carry out research and innovation projects with internal and external impact.

The videos

Here's Dr James Pickering speaking about 'Technology and Higher Education: Let’s Know More'. Dr Pickering who is an academic in the field of anatomy as well as higher education with special interest in utilising technology for better education, gives us his plea for evidence-based educational change.

Here's Beccy Stirrup asking: 'Can Playful Learning Save Education?'. Becky has been involved with education and had particular interests in gamification and task based learning. In this talk, she shares her research and experiences in educating and learning through programmes which are games based.

Melz Owusu talk explores 'Decolonising the Curriculum'. Melz who is the Education Officer at the University of Leeds Student Union and a recent graduate of the university gave her insight into the current curriculum speaking from her own experience and incorporating philosophical analysis and rap.

Professor Brendan Stone speaks here about the 'Future of Distress: Education and Narratives of Discovery'. Professor Stone from the University of Sheffield talked about the need for the University to engage with its regional communities and populations, and elicit their help in curriculum design.

Crystal Reece talks about how social mobility and education has transformed her life in the presentation: 'I am the product of innovation and social mobility'. Crystal is a student and Learning Champion at the University of Leeds and speaks about her journey into and through higher education, looking at the way it has reshaped her identity and sense of potential.