WATCH: #SEC2019 keynotes

VIEW HERE two #SEC2019 keynote videos exploring how technology-enhanced teaching spaces impact learning and how the power of learning and teaching can be unharnessed by using learning analytics.

#SEC2019 Panel: (l-r) Keynotes Adam Finkelstein and Bart Rienties; LUU Education Officer, Serene Esuruoso; Neil Morris,Chair in Educational Technology, Innovation and Change at Leeds; Nicholas Burwell, Burwell Architects; Stewart Ross, Director of Commercial and Campus at Leeds.

Day One of this year’s Student Education conference at the University of Leeds saw Adam Finkelstein , McGill University, Canada, present his talk: ‘Space Matters: How next generation learning environments can impact teaching and learning’ (to view please click the video below).

#SEC2019 is part of a portfolio of events delivered by the Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence (LITE).

The second keynote: ‘The power of learning analytics to unpack learning and teaching: A critical perspective’, was delivered by Professor Bart Rienties of the Open University  (to view please click the video below).

LITE Director, Professor Tina Overton, said:

“We are very grateful to both Adam and Bart for presenting two such thought provoking and engaging keynote presentations.

I’m also very pleased to be able to publish and share both talks here to a wider audience to also enjoy as part of LITE’s commitment to establishing a culture of high quality teaching practice, scholarship and innovation.

For further information about the event have a look at the original news story.

Here’s the latest LITE final report: The use and impact of Collaborative Lecture Theatres -Digging up the foundations of the Lecture Theatre by LITE’s Prof Norma Martin Clement.