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Student Education Conference 2023 Rewind


Did you miss the Student Education Conference 2023 (SEC2023)?

Want to listen again to the inspirational student panel? Couldn’t get to all of the parallel sessions you were interested in? Would you like to hear again Jeff's round up celebrating what we've been achieving together this year through Curriculum Redefined?

The recordings of all the sessions are now available to view on SEC Rewind.​​​​​​​

If you're not sure what to watch first, the Deans for Student Education and the Dean for Online and Digital Education have chosen a few highlights:

Alice O’Grady - Dean: Student Education (Quality and Standards)

For anyone interested in challenging the norms of assessment culture in a bid to improve our practice, I would encourage everyone to listen to Professor Mary Richardson's keynote speech that kicked off Day 2 of the conference. She makes some very useful connections between the assessment landscape pre-Higher Education and the wider societal attitudes to measuring learning that can be experienced by individuals as harmful and abusive. Her comments on assessment dysmorphia are particularly interesting and give us some great food for thought when thinking about our own ambitions for assessment design at Leeds.

Kenny McDowall - Dean: Student Education (Portfolio and Curriculum)

The conference in many ways celebrated diversity, recognising that differences are strengths in collaborative efforts, particularly when they lead to new and higher levels of working. I recently tried to capture the benefits of true collaboration in relation to our plans for our Discovery offering. The conference also laid bare the need to continue to ensure the full gamut of human experiences and qualities is consciously recognised and respected such that each member of our community has a voice and is able to thrive.

Paul Taylor - Dean: Student Education (Experience)

The now traditional student panels to open the conference are a hugely powerful way to frame the subsequent discussion, ensuring our reflections are grounded in the lived experiences of our students.

Margaret Korosec – Dean: Online and Digital Education

If you crave inspiration for your academic practice, I strongly encourage you to take a moment to view the session on Innovative Pedagogies - Room 4 on Day 1. Examples from Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures, Faculty of Biological Sciences and Faculty of Social Sciences highlight transformative approaches for international collaboration, rethinking research projects, and creative student-led, co-curricular opportunities. The presentations sparked rich conversations and prompted tangible enquiry towards systemic and sustainable application. It is well worth a rewind!