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Co-creating a resource to support student learning


A STUDY GUIDE to help bridge the knowledge of physics students who do not have a chemistry A level has been co-created by a LITE Fellow and one of her undergraduates.

Dr Samantha Pugh, of the School of Physics and Astronomy, worked in partnership with student intern, Sukhjivan Sandhu, to produce the resource: Understanding Chemistry in a Physics Context CC version, following feedback from students as part of a final year project investigating the link between students’ A-level subjects and their success in a Physics degree.

The resource was trialled with undergraduate students, made available through our Virtual Learning Environment and promoted by course tutors and our Peer Mentors.

Dr Pugh said:

"Confirming suspicions from the initial feedback, there was a link between whether students had A-level chemistry and their attainment in level one modules.

"To address this issue, in 2018, Sukhjivan, was recruited to create a resource to support those students without A-level chemistry that were taking a Physics degree.

"The resource was based on the relevant aspects of A-level chemistry courses, and was wholly authored by a 2nd year Physics student, with direction provided by a member of academic staff."

One of the best features of the resource, added Dr Pugh, is that it being student-authored, it is written in a different style to a standard text book. "There is a much more friendly and conversational tone, whilst ensuring rigour in the content," she said.

The resource is free to download and has been issued with a Creative Commons licence.

Professor Tina Overton, Director at LITE, said:

"It's always valuable when teacher and student work together to create a resource that promotes learning in this way."

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