Announcing our first Masterclass of 2022

Getting published: Going public with your SoTL work

 There is growing acknowledgement that we ought to learn more about writing if we want to be published in academic journals (Murray, 2009, p. 3).

We are delighted that Professor Mick Healey will be returning to the University to deliver our first LITE Masterclass workshop of 2022. Mick is an experienced and well respected presenter, since 1995 he has given over 500 educational presentations in more than 25 different countries. He last visited the University in 2017 when he gave a keynote at the launch of the Institute.

This interactive workshop is focused on writing for publication in refereed journals. Specific examples will focus on writing about learning and teaching in higher education, though the principles apply to preparing academic and professional journal articles across the disciplines. The workshop will give you opportunities to:

  • Choose a suitable journal
  • Draft the title and abstract
  • Plan and structure your paper
  • Discuss seeing your article through to submission and responding to referee comments

The workshop is highly participative, focusing on making participants more confident and productive in their writing. It is appropriate for staff in academic and support positions and will also support and guide more experienced colleagues to rethink some of their writing and publication practices.

Places on the workshop are limited and we kindly ask that you only sign up if you are happy to engage in the pre workshop activity and can contribute to the session in the following ways:

Participants should bring a draft title and brief abstract (150-200 words) on an article you plan to write in one of the following genres – Empirical research article, conceptual article, literature review, case study, reflective essay, or opinion piece. 

You should also complete a draft of the relevant questions for your genre in a handout that will be provided in advance of the workshop. 

Your title, abstract and draft responses to the questions should be in an electronic format that you can share with one or two other participants in a breakout room.

The workshop will take place on 3rd February 13.00 – 15.45.

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Mick Healey is an HE Consultant and Researcher and Emeritus Professor at the University of Gloucestershire, UK. Until 2010 he was Director of the Centre for Active Learning, a nationally funded Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. He is The Humboldt Distinguished Scholar in Research-Based Learning at McMaster University, Canada. Mick is an experienced presenter. Since 1995 he has given over 500 educational presentations in more than 25 different countries.  He has written and edited over 250 papers, chapters, books and guides on various aspects of teaching and learning in HE, and has over 12,000 citations. His latest book is Writing about Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Creating and Contributing to Scholarly Conversations across a Range of Genres (Healey, Mick, Kelly Matthews, and Alison Cook-Sather, 403pp) and may be downloaded for free. He is the inaugural Senior Editor of the International Journal for Students as Partners. Mick is often asked to act as an advisor to projects, universities, and governments on aspects of teaching and learning.

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