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16 New LITE Fellowships Announced


We are very pleased to announce that we have 16 new fellowships, and 20 new fellows beginning with us this month! We would like to congratulate all of the successful applicants and say a huge thank you to everyone that applied during this year’s process- the standard of applications was extremely high. 

You’ll be hearing much more from our fellows in the months and years to come 😊 


Claire Flegg and Jess Christie “What matters to our customers? Considering the features of a sector-leading and student-centred information service in Higher Education” 

Andrew Peel and Eric Hewitt “Finding and Closing Awarding Gaps in the Faculty of Biological Sciences” 

Samantha Stark “Evaluating the impact of a Pedagogical Framework for Fully Online Education on the experiences of students and staff” 

Laura Loyola Hernandez and Arjan Gosal “Community-led pedagogies: using inclusive practices to develop a framework for diversifying the curriculum” 

Siobhan Haime “Accessing accessibility -Towards creating inclusive digital library environment by improving eBook accessibility” 

Maria Hussain “Enhancing the value placed on diversity: from the international classroom to the global workplace” 

Steve Carter “Enhancing PGR Transition onto an Industry Career Pathway Through Employer Consultation and Partnership Development” 

Ben Hanson “How can Virtual Reality be Used to Enhance the Student Learning Experience?” 

Emily Crosbie “Examining the impact on students of in-module interactions with business professionals” 

Clare Wright and Alison Leslie “Step Up, Stand Out: Supporting international PGTs to make the most of their year in Leeds” 

Claudia Rogers “Pedagogies of Digital Assessment” 

Sarah Joyce “Staff Engagement with equity-focused projects” 

Andrew Kirton “Removing Dominance and Gatekeeping in HE” 

Luisa Cutillo “Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (DS&AI) Data Skills Literacy for Educators 

Eric Atwell “AI and Decolonising Reading Lists” 

Emma Cochrane- “Active Learning for all Students”