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SOTL Celebration Event

Thursday 22 September 2022, 1pm-5pm
Chemical and Process Engineering Lecture Theatre B

On the afternoon of Thursday September 22nd (1pm-5pm), LITE and the TIPS community (OD & PL) are hosting an event to celebrate all of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) going on at Leeds.

We have over 20 speakers signed up to give lightning talks about the SOTL that they have being carrying out, or about to carry out, either as a LITE Fellow, a presenter at the recent EuroSOTL conference, a participant on the Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP) or as a leader of a faculty based SOTL group (LITE affiliates).

Speakers will give very informal and very short presentations about their work- we’ve tried to make the process as stress-free as possible (presenters are free to present off the cuff).

The aim is to provide a fun opportunity for those that have been carrying out research over the past couple of years to shout about their great work, come together as a community for the first time in ages, and to provide an opportunity for anyone that may have joined the university in the past couple of years to interact with the community in person.

You can sign up to attend the event (and let us know of any dietary requirements) here.

A draft outline for the afternoon’s festivities at Chemical and Process Engineering Lecture Theatre B is posted below.

We will be recording the talks (subject to presenters' permission) for distribution after the event.

NOTE: This event was originally scheduled for Monday September 19th, but has been moved due to the announcement of a bank holiday in the UK.

Session 1

1pm-2pm Networking lunch

2pm- Intro

2:05- Helen Morley and Dave Riley introduce the day and outline the range of PedR/SOTL work going on at the University

2:10-3:15 Lightning Talks

Networking break

3:15- 3:45- Networking with coffee and cake

Session 2

3:45-5:00 More lightning talks, including representatives from faculty and school-based LITE Affiliates

5:00- Optional visit to The Library Pub