Share, Adopt, Adapt – Placing wellbeing at the heart of the Leeds Curriculum

Placing wellbeing at the heart of the Leeds Curriculum will be the focus of this Share, Adapt, Adopt workshop.

The event, led by LITE’s Dr Bridgette Bewick, will explore educational practices for improving student mental health and wellbeing.

It will also cover questions such as: “How can we embed wellbeing into university curriculum?”, “How do students experience wellbeing and their curriculum?”, and “How can educators integrate pedagogical wellbeing into practices and policies?”.

As part of the event Dr Bewick, and collaborators, will introduce their project Pedagogical Wellbeing and the Curriculum: The embodiment of wellbeing and the university experience.

Dr Bewick said:

Student mental health and wellbeing across higher education is rightly under more scrutiny than ever.  New approaches are required to address the mental health and wellbeing challenges we face.

Despite local and international efforts, universities remain places where young people report more mental health problems and lower wellbeing than their non-student peers.

Innovation that complements existing efforts is needed if universities are to realise their full potential as places for students to flourish and thrive. We must develop policies and pedagogical practices that have wellbeing at their centre. We need to find ways to embed wellbeing into university curricula.

The LITE fellow, and collaborators, will begin with a brief summary of the literature and initial findings from the LITE project. The session will encourage participants to share practice and help identify challenges to embedding wellbeing into curricula.

There will also be a call out for interested volunteers to work some of the identified practices and to evaluate their implementation.

Anyone involved in student education who has an interest in improving student wellbeing is encouraged to come along.

With a particular welcome to anyone with an interest in curriculum development and wellbeing – including academics, support staff, service providers and student reps.

A buffet lunch will be provided.

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