Share, Adopt, Adapt: Diversity and inclusivity in the curriculum

  • Date:
  • Location: G32 / G32b Clothworkers’ Link Building, University of Leeds
  • Time: 12:00 to 13:30

EFFECTIVE LEARNING from diversity and inclusivity in the curriculum will be showcased at a ‘Share, Adopt, Adapt’ themed workshop organised by the Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence (LITE).

The event will be delivered by Dr Nina Wardleworth and Dr Ruth Payne, who currently undertake a range of inclusive learning and teaching, assessment and curriculum design projects at the Institute, along with Jenny Brady, the Project Academic Lead For Inclusive Practice at the University.

The session will cover a range of the work that is currently ongoing in LITE and the University including the inclusive curriculum pilots for 2019/20, inclusivity in relation to student assessment and establishing a baseline standard of inclusivity into learning, teaching and assessment practices.

Dr Wardleworth, said:

As highlighted by the recent Universities UK and NUS report, inclusive curriculum design is central to addressing the BAME attainment gap, as well as fostering a greater sense of belonging and engagement amongst all students.

“As part of this session, I will introduce the inclusive curriculum pilots for 2019-20, for which we are still recruiting, and the role of Diversity Ambassadors in promoting student voices in the curriculum change process.”

Fellow LITE researcher Dr Payne, said:

Offering a truly inclusive curriculum is vital to current students and plays a crucial role in the way we welcome new students in the future.

“This discussion outlines key issues that affect our approach to inclusivity in relation to student assessment and offers an opportunity to share ideas and show how to adopt the exciting changes being rolled out across the University,” she added.

Jenny Brady, who will soon join the LITE team as an Inclusivity Officer, will deliver the third part of this session.

She said:

To ensure that we’re meeting the needs of our diverse student population, the University has committed to embedding a baseline standard of inclusivity into learning, teaching and assessment practices over the coming years.

“To make this happen, a network of School Academic Leads for Inclusive Practice (SALIPs) will be responsible for carrying out a review against these baselines in 2019-20 and creating an action plan for local development activities.

“This session is an ideal opportunity to get ahead and ensure that your own approaches and teaching materials meet the baseline standards.”

As well as hearing the findings and recommendations from research conducted by project leaders, there will also be the opportunity to discuss in groups how best to take things forward – with potential to adopt and adapt practices in your own areas and schools.

Professor Tina Overton, Director at LITE, said:

“This is the latest in our Our Share, Adapt, Adopt’ events, which are already proving a popular and useful way of sharing the exciting and interesting research work of our LITE Fellows.

Embedding effective inclusivity and diversity across teaching learning is an imperative, not just for higher education, but everywhere. This session is a window into the important work that is currently happening at LITE and the University of Leeds.

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