Share, Adapt, Adopt: ‘Induction: getting it right from the start’

  • Date:
  • Location: Research Room 1, Level 13, Edward Boyle Library
  • Time: 12:00 to 13:30

A RE-EVALUATION of induction and transition across higher education will be the focus of the next Share, Adapt, Adopt event led by LITE’s Dr Ruth Payne and Dr Andrew Mearman

Questions such as: ‘Is student induction working effectively in your school?’ and ‘Do you want to create a welcome programme that inspires new students and helps them develop an early sense of belonging?’, will be examined at the event as the pair also introduce their LITE project: Exploring links between induction, exit and retention – ELIXIR.

Dr Mearman said: “With the start of term still fresh in our minds, this workshop looks at what students need in their first few months at university and starts to consider ways in which we can help.

“Induction and transition remains high on the agenda of the student engagement community but, although it’s seen as one of the key drivers in student success and retention, the key to a successful induction remains elusive.

The LITE fellows will begin with a brief summary of the literature on what makes an effective induction, the session will encourage participants to share practice and help identify challenges to providing a successful student welcome.

They will also put out a call out for interested volunteers to apply some of the identified practices and reviewing their effectiveness.

Anyone involved in student induction, or who has an interest in this vital aspect of student experience, is encouraged to come along.

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