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SAAW- Podcast for All Subjects: Supporting and Assessing Students

Thursday 14 October 2021, 11-12

Antonio MartĂ­nez-Arboleda, Open Educational Practice Lead, will deliver the latest Share, Adopt, Adapt seminar (a LITE and OD and PL co-production): Podcast for All Subjects: Supporting and Assessing Students.

Podcasting can be easily embedded in our curriculum in order to promote interpersonal skills, increase motivation, enhance digital literacies, and foreground crucial aspects of students’ creativity, criticality, employability and civic awareness that traditional assessment may inhibit.

In this seminar, Antonio will tell us why he uses student podcasting in his teaching, will show us how to support students to produce technically-easy podcasts without being an expert in podcasting, will provide real exemplars of assessment grids currently used, and will tackle the question of subject-specific academic rigor.

Antonio has long experience in Critical Pedagogy and believes in the bright side of digital tools and platforms, particularly when leveraged on a strong emancipatory educational ethos. Click here to sign up for the event.