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SAAW: PepplePad Pedagogy

Tuesday 18 January 2022, 11am-12pm
MS Teams Meeting

In our latest Share, Adapt, Adopt Workshop, organised in conjunction with the TIPS Community and curated by PebblePad Academic Lead, Ruth Payne, we will hear from Alice Potter, Helen Iball, and Joslin McKinney about their innovative use of the software. University of Leeds Staff can sign up for the event here.

Using PebblePad for research planning: Alice Potter (School of Languages, Cultures and Societies)

ALice will speak about how LCS are using PebblePad for the dual purpose of helping individual colleagues strategically plan their research activities, whilst enabling the School to collect the information to inform School-level planning and reporting.

Creative portfolios using PebblePad: Joslin McKinney, School of Performance and Cultural Industries

The UG L3 'Performance Design and Space' module asks students to investigate the way space 'performs' and explore how design can frame or generate performative encounters in urban space. This year, students have been using PebblePad to record and reflect on their observations of locations in Leeds and develop their own creative proposals for using design.

UG Research Projects using PebblePad: Helen Iball (School of English)

In UG English Literature and Theatre Studies, final year project (FYP) students have used PebblePad for two years now. During COVID-19 lockdown, PebblePad portfolios were a digital space to compile diverse, multi-media materials - providing an alternative way of expressing the live theatre event. A PebblePad workbook is used throughout the FYP to gather research and creative stimuli, keep a learning journal and present project proposals.