LITE Masterclass – Courage and Challenge: Teaching and Learning. EVENT POSTPONED


This Masterclass will be led by Dr Jane Pritchard from Oxford Brookes University.

Courage and Challenge: Teaching and Learning

Designing and delivering teaching and learning requires elements of courage and confidence on the part of the lecturer to be able to provide high quality, challenging learning for all learners. However, challenge and difference can raise concerns that it may not be liked by all and how we measure the quality of teaching and teachers can perpetuate a more bland diet and ‘traditional’ educational practice. It is absolutely key that our teaching and assessments practice are underpinned by evidence-based educational research. We can then justifiably ask our learners (and our teachers) to step outside the familiar and show how through our teaching and assessments  we give our learners the opportunities to embrace the curiosities and intrigues of the disciplines. The teacher may need to be courageous to teach and assess in ways different to their own experiences and our learners may need to be courageous to embrace sometimes new forms of learning. However, courage and challenge are not just individual teacher attributes but are needed by departments and institutions to enable degree programmes (and not just single units or sessions) to bring about a more coherent and academically challenging education.

Speaker background: 

Jane Pritchard joined the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development in 2019.  Jane has been working in the field of educational development in HE since the start of the 2000s. She has also worked at two HEA subject centres (Materials and Engineering), University of Bristol (where she designed and delivered the CREATE CPD scheme to over 400 staff a year), London School of Economics, University of Glasgow, University of Bath and Queens University, Canada as an educational developer. Jane is Editor in Chief and co-founder of the online journal Practice and Evidence of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (PESTLHE), a National Teaching Fellow and a SFHEA. Jane has research interests in a range of educational topics including the role of short intensive courses and their positive influence on both teachers and learners, enquiry-based learning philosophies and how the use of audio-visual feedback impacts on both teacher and learner. She is starting to explore a new area of scholarship around courage in teaching and learning and what this means at different levels of the academy

A buffet lunch will be provided.