POSTPONED: Fellowship Showcase: Engaging with PGR Teachers

  • Date:
  • Time: 10-11

LITE Fellow Chiara La Sala, Associate Professor of Italian and the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies will speak about the research carried out over the course of her LITE Fellowship The Enhancement of the pedagogic practice at Leeds University through the engagement of Postgraduate Research Students in teaching

At Leeds University, PGRs have the opportunity to build up a teaching experience portfolio, that is very useful when entering an academic career. However, Chiara’s looks at the knowledge that more senior members of staff can gain in looking for ‘a fresh outlook’ through working in collaboration with PGRs.

If you have a passion for teaching, if you believe that tutors’ ability to be present and deeply connected to their students is not a fixed condition, but a state that needs renegotiation, if you have an interest in the professional development of Postgraduate Research Students in teaching, this event is for you!

It will be a fantastic opportunity to understand common interests, share ideas and think about collaborative ways to move forward.

The event is taking place on Tuesday September 14th 10-11. You can sign up here.