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Academic Listening- A Hidden Curriculum?

Tuesday 17 May 2022, 10-11:30
MS Teams

In this workshop, former LITE Fellows Niamh Mullen and Peter Matthews, will very briefly summarise some select findings from their research on listening at the University. Then, looking at some of the findings through a hidden curriculum* lens, the workshop will invite colleagues to share practice in supporting academic listeners in transition under the themes of inclusive pedagogies, intercultural awareness and belonging. Niamh and Peter also hope to present a draft document ‘The Hidden Curriculum and Academic Listening’ for discussion. You can sign up for this event here.

Please note: Niamh and Peter are also planning to invite some students to speak about their transition to academic listening during this workshop.

*Hidden curriculum ‘is generally understood as referring to the ‘untaught’ component of the educational experience, and includes the implicit knowledge, norms and behaviours that are required for success […] We see the hidden curriculum residing in the space between the norms of university education and the life experiences of students. We separate the hidden curriculum into two domains; ‘Sense of Belonging’ and ‘Rules of the Game’.’  (Hubbard et al 2020: p. 59-60)