The LITE Teaching Show

The LITE Teaching Show

The LITE Teaching Show was launched in 2020 and showcases the pedagogical research being carried out and innovative pedagogical techniques being used at the University of Leeds through short and engaging video clips.

Each clip features the researchers discussing their research with a University of Leeds student and LITE Research Support and Impact Officer, Dave Riley.

Connected Speech with Niamh Mullen, Peter Matthews, and Franks Feng

In the second episode of the LITE Teaching Show Dave Riley, and LUU International Officer Franks Feng, talk to LITE Fellows Peter Matthews and Niamh Mullen about the reasons that international students may find it difficult to understand authentic English.

Lego Serious Play with Dan Trowsdale

Lego Lockdown: In the pilot episode of The LITE Teaching Show, Dan Trowsdale explains Lego Serious Play to Dave Riley and Debra Babalola, with live demonstrations and explanations.

In the first clip, Dan Trowsdale challenges Dave to use Lego bricks as metaphors to represent and explain his experience of the COVID lockdown. Using Lego, Dave is able to explain his emotions more articulately than he imagined.

Modules as Lego Builds? In the second clip, Dan explains how Lego bricks can be used as metaphors to evaluate and improve module design in Higher Education.

Dan, Debra, and Dave look at examples of Lego builds constructed by students to represent modules they studies. Dan describes how the students could provide a detailed evaluation of the module from beginning to end. We look at one module that went really well, and one that didn’t go so well.

Why does Lego Serious Play work? In the third clip, Dan explores the concept of Flow and how being in a zone between boredom and over-stimulation fosters creativity and allows for freedom of expression.
Dave and Debra wanted to know more about why using the Lego Serious Play method worked so well.