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Discuss Curriculum Redefined


clothworkers hall, leeds


Discuss Curriculum Redefined with its key creators in the University senior leadership

Annie Bocock supervised by Dr Sarah Joyce

About the student researcher

I'm Annie Bocock, and I am going into my third year of BA International Development with Quantitative Research Methods. I am really pleased to have had the opportunity to feed into research around the topic of Curriculum Redefined and curriculum innovation at the higher education level. I'm particularly interested in the opportunity to explore Curriculum Redefined from a student's perspective and to engage with it critically with students in mind. This is something I'm passionate about through my experience as School Rep for over a year and other roles which include heavy elements of championing student voice and embedding student voice into university practices. This is important to me, especially as a student with multiple different areas of disadvantage, including being the first in my family to attend university, coming from a working-class background, being a mature student, university drop-out, LGBTQ+ and disabled. The intersection of these can make it harder for me to engage in the curriculum as it exists, so I seek to ensure that student voices are at the heart of all change in Curriculum Redefined.

Project overview

The project aims to explore Curriculum Redefined with its key creators in the University's Senior Leadership Team. In particular, it aims to engage critically with Curriculum Redefined from a student's perspective and seeks to answer questions about Curriculum Redefined with student voices and needs in mind.  Qualitative interviews with five University Senior Leadership Team members will take place to explore their thoughts on the intersection between Curriculum Redefined and student voices. These will be semi-structured interviews and will focus on topics relating to student consultation on Curriculum Redefined, how closely Curriculum Redefined will align with student needs and senior staff members' motivations and ideas for Curriculum Redefined. The final output will initially be a written report though we are also interested in exploring other digital or creative outputs and dissemination of findings.