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Design of a digital desktop application

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Design of a digital desktop application

Sanjana Ramaswamy supervised by Dan Trowsdale

About the student researcher

I'm Sanjana, and I have recently graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in Product Design (BSc). I thoroughly enjoyed my LITE internship, during which I designed the user interface of a digital design tool called EdVee, intended to assist lecturers in creating university modules. As a recent student myself, I am passionate about improving the academic experience for students. This includes ensuring that university modules are engaging, relevant, and up-to-date. Designing a digital tool that handled a substantial amount of data has taught me valuable lessons in creating simple and intuitive user experiences, regardless of how complex the product may be.

Project overview

This project aimed to create a digital model of EdVee, a design tool that empowers lecturers to develop engaging and effective university modules. Lecturers start by inputting fundamental information about the module they wish to create or update. This includes details such as cohort size, module objectives, and the academic level at which it will be taught. They then enter the module's intended learning outcomes, the content to be taught, the learning activities designed for the module, and the assessments used to evaluate student performance. Connections can then be established between these various elements: between the intended learning outcomes and assessments, assessments and content, content and learning activities, and between learning activities and intended learning outcomes. Lecturers have the flexibility to continue editing the module until a complete figure-of-eight pattern has been reached, illustrating the alignment between all components of the module.

I followed the design process by starting with the creation of low-fidelity wireframes on paper. I then explored the user interface and developed a functional, interactive prototype using Figma.