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Decolonising Resources for Students in the Arts and Humanities


Decolonising Resources for Students in the Arts and Humanities 

Owen Frost supervised by Christina Nick

About the student researcher   

I'm Owen Frost and I am a recent BA History Graduate from the University of Leeds. I am delighted that I have been able to contribute research alongside Christina Nick towards the efforts at decolonising the university's faculty of Arts and Humanities. Throughout my time at Leeds, I have been engaged with an interdisciplinary range of studies that confront Britain, the university and the academy's role in perpetuating the lasting effects of colonialism. The resource we created is intended as a starting block to provide Arts and Humanities students with current knowledge on decolonisation, and what it might mean to apply relevant decolonial approaches to their research projects at the University of Leeds. 

Project overview

  • Provide Arts and Humanities students with a baseline on colonial history and its contemporary legacies.
  •  Create a student-facing document that forms an introductory explanation of the many facets of decolonisation that the University is attempting to implement. 
  • Introduce students to applicable core decolonial approaches that Arts and Humanities students can use in their research while at university.
  •  Implement a creative, multimedia toolkit that students can refer to, containing information on decolonial approaches and methods. 
  • Use the Faculty of Arts and Humanities' quantitative and qualitative data on students' understanding and views of decolonisation to adopt an evidence-based approach to collating resources.