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Lucy Hemingway

Research Assistant
Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence

Lucy is a research assistant and supports LITE fellows in their research.

Having recently completed her MA in Social Justice and Education, Lucy is looking forward to applying the pedagogic research skills she developed into the fellows’ SoTL-centred projects. Her degree has afforded Lucy with rich understandings on the importance of equitable structures within higher education and she hopes to carry these insights into her work with LITE fellows. With research interests in inclusive education, critical pedagogy, teachers’ literate identities and the social power of literacy, Lucy is looking forward to engaging in a wide variety of LITE fellowship projects and expanding her knowledge of pedagogy in higher education.

During her studies, Lucy was a core member of her department’s Decolonising Education Collective where she worked in a team to influence action that sought to decolonise both pedagogy and curricula within the department. She completed several research assistant posts for the collective and through these experiences developed her passion for raising the inclusivity of educational systems and processes. Her own involvement with pedagogic research as a student has shown Lucy the importance of student engagement in SoTL projects and is keen to work with fellows to achieve this in their projects too.

Lucy also has experience working in disability learning support and in academic libraries. Her roles have inspired critical reflection on the ways that universities can better support individuals and their diverse needs through SoTL work. She hopes to use these experiences to encourage fellows in student support and professional services who may not have engaged with SoTL research before.

Lucy looks forward to working with the LITE team, engaging with diverse pedagogical projects and supporting fellows to bring about positive change to educational experiences at Leeds and beyond.