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NEW LITE fund to help 'share' teaching innovation across the University launched


A NEW fund that aims to promote the sharing of innovation in student education across faculties and schools has been launched by the Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence (LITE).

The LITE Transferring Innovation Fund provides £500 to transfer an innovation, or examples of, effective practice from one school, faculty or service to another at the University of Leeds.

The money can be spent by the ‘sharer’ and ‘adopter’ on equipment, consumables, catering, travel, student interns, or research assistant time.

It is expected that successful bids will be collaborative projects and partners should not be from the same school or service.

Professor Tina Overton, Director at LITE, said:

The sharing of innovation in education is essential is we are not to continually reinvent the wheel and if we are going to achieve maximum impact. This new LITE fund has been created to support that important process.

"So, if you  would like to share your innovation in education with other colleagues at the University, or if you have you seen something innovative in education at Leeds that you would like to adapt to your own context, please do consider applying for this new funding.”

Projects that include a contribution from the student body in an advisory or partnership role are particularly welcome.

To apply for the LITE Transferring Innovation Fund complete this form.

For further information contact