LITE sends 23-strong delegation to EuroSOTL 2022

On June 16th and 17th a huge LITE-funded delegation of 23 eager staff members attended and presented at EuroSOTL 2022 at Manchester Metropolitan University. Between them the delegation presented 2 workshops, 12 papers, and a poster. A list of the workshops, posters and papers from Leeds is posted below

The LITE Team would like to thank everyone that came along. We had a great time not only watching the amazing SOTL and PedR that is going on at Leeds be presented to an international audience, but also spending time away from the sessions generally having a nice time and enjoying the evident spirit of collegiality.

If you weren’t able to join us this year, LITE hopes to provide similar opportunities next year.

Leeds Workshops

Gillian Proctor “Online learning communities: The psychology of authenticity and connection in the digital learning environment”

Paul Taylor Claire Hamshire, Heather Smith, Jessica Riddell, Rachel Forsyth “New Leadership Models for Hopeful Higher Education Communities”

Leeds Posters

Peter Hughes, Alice Shepherd and Catherine Wilkinson “Smooth sailing or all at sea? Understanding the experiences and motivations of Academics and Learning Technologists working on a major module design programme”.

Leeds Papers

Maria Hussain “‘Generation-Z’ abroad; the case of measuring intercultural competence (ICC) in Study Abroad”.

Ilaria Zavoli “Academic Offences and International Students: Assessing Inside Views to Design Effective Preventive Measures”.

Alison Voice, Robert Purdy, Thomas Summers “Building Learning Communities”.

Maria Hussain “Creating a ‘Sense of Belonging’ and community building through co-creation; the case of ‘Cultural Insight Wednesdays’; a student-lead podcasting project”.

Deak Kirkham and Chris Janetta (Dundee University) “Two Tutors Talking”.

Helen Morley “Intentional design and experience to build a community of teachers”.

Dan Trowsdale “Can I show you my pedagogy? Making the invisible, visible”.

Scott McLaughlin “Training students to be interdisciplinary”.

Andrew Mearman, Emma Peasland, and Anne Tallontire “Extending the welcome: reflections from the University of Leeds institutional level Welcome, Induction and Transition project”.

Kashmir Kaur “Constructing Communities Within and Beyond Borders”.

Richard Harris, Pam Birtill, Ed Sutherland, Emily Nordmann (Glasgow University), and Madeleine Pownall “The value of in-person teaching in developing a learning community and a sense of ‘feeling like a student'”.

Charlie Davis (University of Nottingham), Stacey Mottershaw, Penny Rivlin, Adam matthews (University of Birmingham), Jessica Hawkins (University of Manchester) “Creating SoTL communities through critical storytelling: reflections on a participatory study with Russell Group academics of working-class heritage”.

Michael Reynolds “Student Engagement with Online Learning”