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SPECIAL LUNSHE: Putting Sustainability at the heart of Student Education

Wednesday 13 March 2024, 13:00-14:30
20 Lyddon Terrace SR 1 (1.06) and online
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This workshop is a special session of LUNSHE (University of Leeds Network for Sustainability in Higher Education). LUNSHE was established by colleagues involved in the Sustainable Curriculum principle of the University’s Climate Plan commitments, which aims to embed sustainability across student education activities. Although there are increasing resources on education for sustainable development, there are few avenues for bringing likeminded people together to discuss ideas and share practices. Established in May 2023, LUNSHE aims to meet this need.


Building on the momentum and ideas generated from LUNSHE, including through its TIPS channel, this special LUNSHE workshop will:

  • Provide an opportunity for interaction and exploration of approaches that colleagues are taking to embed sustainability in their student education: teaching and learning experience (e.g., active learning), assessments, and pedagogical research. But also, to explore the challenges and opportunities thereof.
  • Provide an opportunity to hear student voice (reflections on LUU Climate Week and SOS-UK)
  • Showcase the LUNSHE community of practice and open it up to a larger audience.


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Workshop Team: Dr Jonas Cromwell, Prof Anne Tallontire, Professor William Young, Dr Pierre- Philippe Dechant, Clare Jackson and Student Sustainability Architects