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SAAW: Academic Personal Tutoring

Tuesday 15 February 2022, 10am-11am

Our latest Share, Adopt, Adapt Workshop, presented in collaboration with TIPS Community focuses upon Academic Personal Tutoring. The workshop will be a chance to gather with others with personal tutoring roles and hear more about approaches to the role, and how these can influence student sense of belonging. The session is curated by the Emily Towler (Educational Engagement), Sarah Hearfield (Educational Engagement), and Alex Kingston (OD and PL), and will include presentations from Lisa Marshall , Nadine Cavigioli, Lisa Matera, and Madeleine Newman. More details on the presentations are listed below, and you can sign up for the event here.

Using StREAM@Leeds to support your tutees: Lisa Marshall (Director of Student Education, School of Food Sciences and Nutrition)

An exploration in interpreting examples of StREAM@Leeds profiles, and ways to begin supporting tutees with a data-driven context.

Pastoral support and student diversity: Nadine Cavigioli, Lisa Matera, and Madeleine Newman (Lifelong Learning Centre)

Nadine, Lisa and Madeleine will share examples of challenges and barriers that can be experienced by disadvantaged, under-represented and/or marginalised students and share best practice for effective pastoral support.