One Way to Use PebblePad

  • Date:
  • Time: 11-11:30

University of Leeds staff can view this event here.

Initiated last year by Patricia Quinn and Ruth Payne, the Pedagogical power of PebblePad series are monthly 30 minute sessions that focus upon one way that you can utilise PebblePad. This month’s speakers are Rachael O’Connor and Judith Simpson. You can sign up for this event here. More details are posted below.

Rachael O’Connor (School of Law)- PebblePad as a space for authentic reflection– Rachael will share her experiences of using PebblePad as a space for authentic reflection within her on-going research projects working with students from under-represented backgrounds

Judith Simpson (School of Design)- Pebblepad as an electronic guidebook- one way to use PebblePad is as a handy storage space for instructions that need to be checked regularly, and are also liable to changeā€.