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One Way to Use PebblePad

Thursday 20 October 2022, 11-11:30

University of Leeds staff can view this event here.

Initiated last year by Patricia Quinn and Ruth Payne, the Pedagogical power of PebblePad series are monthly 30 minute sessions that focus upon one way that you can utilise PebblePad.

The latest workshop will see presentations from Richard De Blacqiuere Clarkson & PL), and Georgia Clarke (Careers). More details on their talks are listed below, and you can sign up here.

Richard de Blacquiere Clarkson and Curriculum RedefinedĀ  team (OD&PL) : Induction Handbook- An online induction resource to give context to theirĀ role in student education and contribution to Curriculum Redefined at Leeds. Title - One way to use PebblePad: Staff induction pack.

Georgia Clarke (Careers): ALMP (Alumni Leadership Mentoring Practice) Mentors and Mentees Handbooks- The Careers Service is using PebblePad to support students on one of their mentoring schemes, providing mentees with an interactive workspace to access resources and track their development'.