LITE Masterclass Australian double header – Career development & Cognitive competency in STEM

  • Date:
  • Time: 11:00 to 12:00. (12:00 to 12:30 lunch) 12:30 to 13:30
  • Location: Research Room 1, Level 13, Edward Boyle Library, University of Leeds

TWO visiting academics from Australia will deliver two separate seminars as part of a LITE Masterclasses double header focusing on both ‘career development’ and  ‘cognitive competency in the STEM curriculum’.

Julia Choate, Director of undergraduate physiology education at Monash University, Melbourne, will present the first session on: ‘Exploring attitudes and beliefs of academic staff towards students’ career development in non-vocational degree-programs’.

This will be followed by a short lunch and then Stephen Danczak, of the School of Chemistry, also Monash, will deliver the second slot – ‘Cognitive competency in the STEM Curriculum: Critical thinking and Creativity‘.

Associate Professor Julia Choate, who coordinates the physiology education of more than 3,000 students across five degree-programs at Monash, said:

“Career development is an essential component of graduate employability, particularly for non-vocational degree-programs.

For undergraduate career development to be effective it should be embedded into the curriculum with academic involvement, but careers education is not considered part of an academic’s role.

“This research used focus groups to explore academics’ attitudes about students’ career development and the current teaching practices they used for careers education in non-vocational undergraduate degree programs in Biomedical Science, Nutritional Science and Psychology.

“Focus group analysis identified four major themes – attitudes and beliefs, teaching and learning approaches, future aspirations, and challenges – with similar and divergent views identified across the degree-programs.

“These results have broader implications for curricular development and academic roles.”

The Institute, nearly into its third year, provides funding, time and support for current and future student education leaders to develop their profile at the University of Leeds and to carry out research and innovation projects with internal and external impact.

Leader of the second session Dr Stephen Danczak, said:

“I have always been interested in helping students to develop the higher order cognitive skills (HOCS) considered desirable by an array of employers, governments and research bodies.

“And particularly interested in the student perceptions of these HOCS and how these complex constructs can be developed and assessed within higher education.

In this Masterclass, I will outline Monash University students’ perceptions of critical thinking and creativity based on qualitative studies, and share an overview of the process of developing a critical thinking assessment tool aimed at undergraduate chemistry students.

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Professor Tina Overton, Director at LITE, said:

“We’re delighted to be able to offer two visiting presenters for the price of one for our next LITE Masterclass, both of which will be speaking on key focus areas for higher education across the world.

“Colleagues are more than welcome to attend just one session or both, and we’ve provided lunch in between the two classes.

“We look forward to seeing you there.”

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