Pedagogical wellbeing & the Leeds Curriculum

Bridgette Bewick, School of Medicine

Universities are spaces that inspire students to achieve high quality learning outcomes and sustained personal development.

They are also places where young people report more mental health problems and lower wellbeing than their non-student peers.

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One solution is to embed wellbeing into the university curricula. An understanding of how to embody pedagogical wellbeing is necessary if universities are to deliver improved student mental health and wellbeing outcomes.

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This two year Fellowship – Pedagogical wellbeing & the Leeds Curriculum: The embodiment of wellbeing & the university experience, will develop pedagogical wellbeing by investigating how to facilitate and develop embodiment of wellbeing in the Leeds Curriculum.

The Fellowship will promote best practice by identifying and distributing examples of effective pedagogical wellbeing, and identifying opportunities to develop and extend current provision.

The views and experiences of students and staff are central to this Fellowship. To facilitate this practice, the Pedagogical Wellbeing Network promotes a holistic approach to embedding wellbeing in to the curriculum. Members discuss the theory and practice of embedding wellbeing throughout the entire university education experience. Bridgette explains more in the video below. The network’s page contains more information on how to join the discussion.

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