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Student Ideas Fund

Applications to the Student Ideas Fund have now closed.

Do you have an idea that could help improve the University and the experience of other students? An idea that can strengthen ties with or improve your local community in Leeds?

Apply for support and funding to help turn it into reality.

Our Student Ideas Fund is an exciting collaboration between the university, Leeds University Union and you – our students.

Partnership is core to our mission and we want to build, support and deliver the student experience together.

What is it?

This is a programme of support to help bring your ideas to life, if applications are successful. It includes a grant scheme, that allows you to apply for funds ranging from £500 to £5000 to help you bring your idea to life.

Individuals and groups at all levels of study, from undergraduate to postgraduate researchers are encouraged to apply, as are LUU clubs, societies and Student Representatives. Your idea may require some research or development, or your project/activity may be ready to go.

What are we looking for?

The types of ideas that we are looking to fund through the scheme include, but aren’t limited to:

  • ideas that build understanding and evidence of student needs- is there something the university could be doing, but isn’t?
  • creating or delivering an event to enrich the student experience
  • projects that might help build a positive culture and sense of belonging for you and other students
  • ideas and projects co-created with communities local to the University of Leeds campus
  • ideas and projects that improve the experience of a community
  • ideas and projects that support the University’s Sustainability Strategy
  • organising a research project in an area related to your student experience:
  • bringing students together and creating a sense of community. This can be academically, socially or around a community of interest:
    • e.g., the ongoing development of the student commuters’ lounge
  • Sharing knowledge and skills within or outside of the University, in new or innovative ways:


You will have the opportunity to demonstrate each of the following in your application:

  • why you think your idea is important
  • the need for it and any supporting evidence you may have
  • how it will help and support others such as the university community; your local Leeds community; a community of interest
  • the type of support you need to progress your idea
  • how you propose to take the idea or project forward.

What we can’t normally fund

  • publicity expenses
  • donations to charitable/ religious and/or political organisations
  • training/courses solely for personal development
  • travel and transport
  • conference fees
  • costs relating to travelling, international volunteering
  • gifts or incentives to take part in events
  • ideas that are not aligned with the University of Leeds values.
  • an idea which is linked to any module/course requirement as part of your own studies for which you’ll gain academic credit


You can evidence how you meet any of the above criteria by referencing:

  • existing research relating to the idea
  • feedback or consultation with students
  • consultation with campus staff which could include Leeds University Union, Careers or Sustainability for example.
  • consultation with local partners external to the university (where appropriate).

Please note that the list above is there to serve as an example. Your evidence can come from other sources.

What we’ll ask you

Have a look at the application questions to familiarise yourself with them and make notes.

How to apply

To apply, please provide your details and upload your application via the online application form.

You’ll then receive an acknowledgement from the Student Ideas Fund team and we’ll arrange a time to speak further about your application.

Guidance, feedback and support

  • We offer regular drop-in sessions to offer support, guidance and feedback as you develop your applications. We recommend you attend at least one of the drop ins before applying, especially if this is the first time you have considered an idea
  • Drops-ins are run on Wednesday lunchtimes (during term time) from 1-2pm on MS Teams. Look at the dates and booking to attend.

After you apply:

Our Ideas Fund Panel is attended by staff from across the University and Leeds University Union. The panel meets throughout the year to review submissions.  Once your application is submitted, our Ideas Fund team will contact you to discuss next steps:

  • If your application is successful we will liaise with you regarding the support you need, including funding
  • If your application is unsuccessful we will provide you with feedback. You are welcome to reapply if appropriate
  • You will hear from us within two weeks of the panel meeting.

Once you have completed your project, you will be required to submit a brief report to share the impact/findings of your work – our team will discuss this with you and support you with this.

Want to find out more?

Sign up to attend one of our drop-in sessions or e-mail us with questions: