Reviewing the inclusiveness of learning and teaching practices

Jenny Brady, Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence

Project Overview: The project commenced in 2017 with the aim of embedding inclusive practices, in line with government guidance for the Higher Education sector.  

In 2018 the University agreed a set of 6 baseline standards, forming a framework for ensuring that practices meet the learning and teaching needs of Leeds’ diverse student body.

Initial activity will explore current practice in learning and teaching to identify where the agreed standards are already being met and any challenges associated with meeting the standards. This will be done through engagement with students and staff, and understanding any disciplinary specific considerations.

In order to facilitate this, a network of colleagues at local level was established, and a University wide student survey on inclusive teaching was also conducted in early 2020.

Data gathered from the research project will feed in to and inform the on-going work on inclusivity in teaching practice throughout the University. 

Research questions:

  1. Where do issues of inclusive practice most commonly arise, in relation to the student experience?
  2. Are there any specific challenges in meeting the baseline standards at subject level?
  3. What support do staff need from the institution to enable them to meet baseline standards?

Findings will enable us to identify the gap between current delivery and the baseline standards and through the SALIPs explore current and potential interventions.

Project Progress

This blog reflects on the standout messages from the conference for inclusive teaching and sense of belonging
Since September 2019, 27 School Academic Leads for Inclusive Practice (SALIPs) have been working at a school level to understand current practices against the agreed baselines. From this, the SALIPs will take the lead role in developing action plans to embed the standards at a local level.
Our Academic Leads
In October 2019 a student survey was launched to enable students to contribute their voice to the ongoing work in inclusive practice. The Covid pandemic not only impacted the response rate but also the applicability of many comments. However, it did provide some useful insights and comments that will feed in to the ongoing project. Results will be uploaded soon.
One of the most important outputs of this project so far has been the creation of a range or resources to support staff in teaching more inclusively and meeting the institutional standards. A collection of guides, aligned to the UK Professional Standards Framework for learning and teaching can be found on the Inclusive Teaching website.
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Themes, thoughts and ideas gathered from project discussions were brought together in the blog 'Small changes can make a big difference to inclusion'.
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The newsletter brings together project developments and good news stories and offers suggestions for how you can develop your inclusive learning and teaching.
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