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Welcome, Induction and Transition and the impact on student success

Welcome, Induction and Transition and the impact on student success

Alice Annetts-Smith and Jess Fielder supervised by Anne Tallontire and Jenny Hamlin

About the student researchers

We are Alice, in my third year studying English and Sociology with a year in industry and Jess undertaking an MSc Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. We are really pleased to be able to contribute research on the student experience of those from disadvantaged and underrepresented groups during Welcome Induction and Transition 2021 (WIT21).

Project overview

The project involved a literature review and survey and carried out quantitative and qualitative analysis of students’ answers. The project aimed to explore student experiences during Welcome, Induction & Transition 2021 at the University of Leeds of the following groups: disabled, LGBTQIA+, black and minority ethnic, working class, parents/ carers, mature, plus programme, women, first generation, commuters, distant learners and international students. The project focussed on students’ thoughts on information provided about academic aspects of their programmes of study, socialising and mental wellbeing and measured the engagement with WIT21 resources.  Findings will be fed into ongoing evaluation led by the Year-Round Welcome Team.