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Learning analytics and Student Success

Learning analytics and Student Success

Imrenjeet Pendhar supervised by Bronwen Swinnerton

Headshot of Imrenjeet PendharAbout the student researcher

I’m in my 2nd year of Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. I have always had an interest in digital learning and the impact it can have on students. As a mature student, I have noticed that various demographics of students engage with digital resources differently. Thus, I was interested to explore it further and conduct research on a phenomenon that is relevant to me and my experiences.

Project overview

We are interested in how students engage with digital resources as shown on StREAM@Leeds and whether this varies across subgroups of students. We have collected data through focus groups consisting of taught students from different schools and demographics, in addition to a pre-focus group questionnaire.

The project benefits all taught students and student support by highlighting their concerns and patterns in engaging with digital resources. As the focus groups were student-led, an interesting challenge was to come across as unbiased as students assumed I was a representative of the platform StREAM@Leeds, even though this was untrue. Thus, I had attempted to reinforce the idea that I was simply collecting data rather than imposing any of my own beliefs on them or pushing an agenda. Additionally, it was interesting to observe the varying opinions in focus groups and how members tended to influence each other to support their point of view. Furthermore, students had very useful suggestions to improve the platform and its desirability.