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Effective strategies for teaching maths online

Max Hughes supervised by Rob Sturman

About the student researcher

I'm Max, a Maths student going into the fourth year of my degree. I am doing an internship on the topic of "Effective Strategies for Teaching Maths Online to Enhance Student Success", which is particularly interesting to me due to my passion for mathematics education and my role as a mathematics course rep. As a first generation student and member of the plus programme it is an honour to help ensure that everyone gets the best standard of education possible, especially during such a difficult time for students when everything is online.

Project overview

My project is looking at effective strategies for teaching maths online to enhance student success. This involves looking over the theoretical pedagogy of online education, doing my own research on the past year and creating resources to help both staff and students with their online experience. I am collecting data by both a student and staff survey, and may take do a couple of focus groups in order to fill in any gaps from the data.

The current planned outputs are: A handout for students new to online mathematics education, one or two resources for staff to show them what students feel is most effective, and finally a pedagogic paper detailing the theory that I have learnt whilst doing this project.

The project focus is primarily on university level mathematics education, but some of the theory can be extended to other forms of online education.