The Use and Impact of Collaborative Lecture Theatres

Norma Martin Clement, School of Law

The use and impact of Collaborative Lecture Theatres – Digging up the foundations of the Lecture Theatre

An initial evaluation study was undertaken between March and August 2017 in relation to the three redesigned collaborative lecture theatres (CLTs) on behalf of the Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence (LITE).

This project has built on this initial evaluation through two distinct elements.

The first element is four case-studies which seek to develop an understanding of the extent to which the materiality of the learning spaces shape teaching practice.

This observed the classes taking place in the redesigned lecture theatres followed up by in-person semi-structured interviews with the instructors.

The second element consisted of in-person semi-structured interviews with those with responsibility for student education in Faculties of Medicine and Health and Engineering.

The focus of these interviews was to review the managerial decision-making in “sponsoring” the lecture theatres which are linked to these faculties and to identify the institutional factors that promote or hinder the adoption of different instructional strategies within the redesigned lecture theatres and in delivering broader curriculum change.

Read Professor Martin Clement’s final project report.

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