Delivering Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning on a Blended Learning Module

Polly Wilding – School of Politics and International Studies, and Cathy Coombs, School of History

This project arose from the development of an innovative interdisciplinary and blended learning module to introduce the discovery theme Power and Conflict to level one students. Working as an interdisciplinary team on this module design raised a range of questions about how innovative methods are actually experienced by students and how far our aims translate in their learning journey.

The research aimed to:

  • Evaluate curriculum change as it happens, signposting for other programme and module leaders seeking to develop similarly blended and interdisciplinary approaches
  • Explore the effectiveness of interdisciplinary teaching practice, asking whether interdisciplinary teaching actually produces interdisciplinary students
  • Further develop an existing community of interdisciplinary teaching practice
  • Gather a body of evidence reflecting student experience of innovative teaching methods

The success of this module has been reviewed and will be used it as a basis for enhancing student experience of Discovery, one of the core elements of the Leeds Curriculum.

Click here to read the project report.

Contact the researchers directly at: Polly Wilding or Cathy Coombs